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Soar with Salesforce and Fundraise Up

Woman-owned, military spouse and veteran-driven business specializing in helping nonprofits of all sizes and small and medium businesses with their Salesforce needs. We offer individualized service to all of our clients through simple, transparent processes, upfront pricing, and collaboration.

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Client Cloudcare is a mission-oriented team dedicated to providing innovative, and scalable Salesforce solutions. Whether you're new to Fundraise Up, new to integrating it with Salesforce or looking for help in improving your current setup we're here to help. 

  • Offering implementation, integration, and managed service support for all types of clients. 
  • Powered by a resilient team of highly certified, skilled military spouses, veterans, and allies who will partner with you to dive deep and unlock insights to streamline your unique needs.
  • Experts in guiding you in unlocking the potential of Salesforce and fundraising platforms, including Fundraise Up to increase revenue.
  • Improve overall client and employee satisfaction, ensuring that you maximize your investment.
  • Whether you currently have an awesome Salesforce Administrator who could use a boost from our full team of experts to take things to the next level or you’re just getting started, we are here to help.



First Class Service

You receive first-class service from certified professionals.

Mission Based Support

When you work with us, you get more than an admin – you get an entire support team.

5 Star Customer Satisfaction

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - 5 Star Customer Satisfaction


Catie's Closet

"This was easily the best Salesforce support we have ever received. From the thorough discovery sessions and explanation of work, leading to supporting documentation – it strengthens our ability to use Salesforce as an organization."
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Tualatin Valley Creates

"Our entire team is impressed by the overall construction of our Salesforce platform. It was customized to the T! The Cloudcare team provided advice on best practices, better plugins, and play-by-play tutorials. We’re already seeing the effects on saving staff time."