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Matching gift automation raises more for nonprofits and schools

Using 360MatchPro with Fundraise Up, your organization can increase matching gift funding without increased operation lift. Using this solution, you can: 

  • Identify match-opportunities
  • Fully automate matching gift outreach
  • Integrate with your fundraising tools
  • Access the industry's largest matching gift database
  • Drive matching gift funds
  • and more!

Configuration Settings


Double the Donation's solution, 360MatchPro, integrates seamlessly with Fundraise Up, making it simple to drive matching gift revenue. This robust integration identifies match opportunities, automates matching gift outreach, and tracks actionable metrics to drive revenue for fundraisers. This integration even offers a matching gift upsell to prevent opportunities from falling through the cracks!



Drive Matching Gift Revenue

Double the Donation's 360MatchPro works to educate and empower your donors to submit matching gift requests - leading to doubled donations for your nonprofit!

Access Robust Matching Gift Insights

Using 360MatchPro with Fundraise Up gives you access to your own matching gift dashboard. This portal allows you to tag and track matching gifts while gaining valuable fundraising insights. 

Get Started in Seconds

This seamless integration allows you to quickly kick things off - no custom development work required. 

Identify Valuable Matching Gift Opportunities

The 360MatchPro and Fundraise Up integration allows you to discover which of your donors qualify for matching gift programs. This then allows the tool to segment your donor base and tailor matching gift messaging accordingly. 

Automate Outreach

Send donors a directly link to their employer matching gift program! With this tool, you can customize matching gift messages which are then automatically sent to donors based on their program eligibility, making it easy to educate and empower donors to submit matching gift requests. 

Utilize Unique Matching Gift Upsell

If a donor makes a gift that falls below their matching gift program's minimum match amount, this tool will notify them of their potential matching opportunity through a unique upsell feature. This then increases initial donation sizes while also helping to secure more matches!



Matching gift programs are one of the most underutilized sources of fundraising. Despite 26+ million individuals qualifying for a matching gift program, there are $4-7 billion in matching gift revenue going unclaimed each year. By investing in matching gift software, your organization can take advantage of the billions of dollars in program funding offered each year. 
This integration is seamless, so setup can take a matter of minutes! Your organization can choose a 360MatchPro plan that follows Double the Donation's recommended settings, or choose more customizable functionality offerings. Whichever option you choose will allow you to drive matching gift revenue with no custom coding required.
Visit to request a demo! Make sure you mention that you use Fundraise Up in your demo request form.

You can also create an account within Fundraise Up by selecting "Create new account" within the "Integrations" tab in your Fundraise Up portal. The information you enter on this screen will be your 360MatchPro login credentials, so ensure you save this information to access your new 360MatchPro account.


Rod Arnold
CMO, Soles4Souls

Using 360MatchPro with Fundraise Up has dramatically helped grow our fundraising. We've had tremendous success with this integration, and instantly saw an increase in giving.