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Elevated Charity - Helping your charity engage donors with purpose and passion.

We elevate all aspects or your marketing efforts. 

Website development/management and technology integrations, donor strategy and communication, SEO content creation to drive organic traffic, digital advertising and social media.

Plus, you'll like working with us!

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We integrate into your existing marketing structure or can act as your own in-house marketing and communications team.

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Our NYC based team of experienced experts provide services including:
  • Marketing strategy and implementation
  • Google Ads/Google Grants Implementation and Management
  • Donor acquisition and Re-engagement
  • Website development and maintenance
  • Fundraise Up integration, launch and maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization of website
  • Content development to boost organic traffic/SEO
  • Graphic design
  • Data analytics, including Google Analytics 4
  • Email list management, growth and strategy


Donor Acquisition & Reengagement

With strategically placed ads and remarketing efforts we help bring new donors into the fold. Google certified employees manage ad buys. (No upcharges for ad buys either!) 


We are Google and Microsoft ad partners and believe that successful ad campaigns are only part of a successful marketing campaign. We will help bring the pieces together to make your spend more efficient. Experts in Google Ad Grants.

Search Engine Optimization

Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can drive essentially “free” traffic and is critical to a website’s success. We help craft messaging for the web – it’s a bit of a science and a bit art! 

Web Site Development and Maintenance

WordPress experts to upgrade and integrate your site across platforms such as Salesforce, Pardot, Fundraise Up and Classy. Site security and speed audits and repairs. 

Marketing Plan

We’ll help your team create a plan for cross-platform messaging, preparing for big events like Giving Tuesday and smaller ones like as well (Happy National Pizza Day?). 

Email List Management

You’ve got people on your mail list, and we’ll work to segment the audience to deliver relevant messaging. It’s usually not “one message fits all” but a targeted onboarding and email flow that works best. 

Donor Value Growth Strategies

Elevated Media will help identify not only where the most valuable donors are, but who are the donors that may be willing to increase their level and how to encourage them to do so. 

Data Analytics

We love data informed decision making and will use the some standard technology like Google Analytics and some more advanced platforms to learn who your visitors are and how they interact with your site. 

Graphic Design

Experienced in-house graphic designers can help with digital and printed materials to bring your cause to life. 

Social Media Content & Strategy

Each social media channel has its own audience and advantages, we’ll help you tailor messaging and grow your following. 


Elevated Charity is based in New York City.
Absolutely! We will integrate FRU to your site, and optimize it for success.
Our lead consultant has spent over 30 years in marketing and advertising. With 20 years at ESPN/ABC and 10 years as a marketing and communications consultant. Everyone on the Elevated Charity team brings similar experience to your mission.