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Hewitt and Johnston Consultants

32+ years of Proven Leadership + Innovation for the Non-Profit Sector


HJC New Media is one of the world’s most experienced, innovative fundraising agencies. For over 30 years, we’ve been at the forefront of digital and integrated transformation for non-profits, blending innovative strategies with cutting-edge technology to amplify fundraising and engagement efforts. Our diverse and veteran team is dedicated to crafting bespoke digital, change management, and integrated fundraising solutions that drive your mission forward, ensuring that every campaign not only resonates with your audience but also achieves remarkable results.


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Digital Strategy Development

Crafting comprehensive digital roadmaps that align with your mission goals.

Change Management to Strengthen your Organization

 hjc applies its decades of experience with strategy maps, journey maps, balanced scorecards, and other tools to make sure your organization has the right plan, the right staff, the right skills and the right strategy to better pursue your mission. 

One-of-a-kind AI Driven Data Analytics & Donor Engagement

Utilizing data driven insights to deepen donor relationships and drive engagement.

Custom Digital Solutions

Tailoring technology solutions to fit your unique needs, including seamless integration with Fundraise Up to enhance donor experiences and streamline processes.

Moves Management Solutions

Creating fundraising plans that ‘move’ donors to deeper commitment - whether that’s a single donor to monthly giving; a monthly donor to mid level giving or moving a donor to a major gift or planned gift. We bring together people, technology and stewardship to deepen relationships and commitments.



Jenny Schmidt
Manager, Donor Marketing & Communications, St. Louis Children's Hospital

“It’s always a pleasure to work with hjc. They do a great job capturing the work we do at St. Louis Children’s and adapting it into effective, emotion-driven stories that result in fundraising success!”

Shirlyn Baskette
Director, Fund Development, Association of Neighborhood Houses BC

“hjc is always creative and urging us to try and test new ideas. Working with them always generates new ideas and opportunities. The flower seeds were a great success to generate leads and we look forward to seeing what comes from this campaign”