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Technology for Deeper Connections and Bigger Impact

We are experts in technology for nonprofit supporter mobilization and engagement.

We deliver systems roadmaps, databases, integrated online toolsets, and the strategic support to effectively use them. We've got you covered whether you need a custom volunteer management platform, a sophisticated CRM that integrates with your website, or want to track and measure supporter engagement. We have the expertise to design and build the solution you need.

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Our team shares a passion for equipping progressive nonprofits with transformative digital tools. Our process allows us to deeply understand the opportunities and challenges our clients face and then design and build systems that help them take their work to the next level. We build solutions for fundraising, advocacy, volunteer management, and tracking online and offline engagement. 

The Percolator partners met at Groundwire where they worked on building Groundwire Base, the precursor to Salesforce's Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). Groundwire was a full-service nonprofit technology provider, but at Percolator, we focus specifically on CRM. Your CRM provides the brain for your organization and all your engagement efforts and is what allows you to build relationships and power at scale. We are experts on the Salesforce platform and all the other tools in the CRM ecosystem that integrate with Salesforce to help nonprofits achieve their missions. 

We consult on a wide range of third-party tools and we never accept commissions for client licenses so our judgment isn't clouded about what tools will best serve you. We are client advocates, not platform salespeople. 

We also understand that software is only the beginning — it’s how you use it that matters. We make sure your tools live up to their promise, via strategic technology planning, staff coaching, meaningful metrics, and ongoing support. We recently celebrated our 10-year anniversary and have partnered with over 100 nonprofit clients.



Whether you need a systems roadmap, an implementation plan, or just some expert advice, the Percolator discovery team is your partner in ensuring that your platform or application works the way you need it to and that every implementation dollar is well-spent. 


Our seasoned project managers and developers are some of the best in the sector, and they come to work at Percolator because of the clients we serve and the way we approach projects. All of our team members have nonprofit backgrounds and a shared passion for progressive social change. 


We don't disappear after your project launches, and can provide either ongoing support, seasonal assistance when you need extra capacity, or coverage during staff transitions. 



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Alan Horton
Managing Director, Farmers Conservation Alliance

“In Discovery and then in Agile product development, Percolator does it really well and in a way that is appropriately customized to the needs of the client. It's great.”
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Olivia Reda
Volunteer Engagement Manager, Alliance for the Great Lakes

“I would say the Percolator team is very thorough. Full, thorough testing of everything, a lot of communication back and forth. They were always very responsive to our needs and changes. They're very communicative and really lay out the pathway, but were also very responsive if things needed to change or if priorities shifted. We also had some staffing transitions and a lot of things that just made for a busy season. They were always very communicative and flexible to the way we worked.”
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Poncho Guevara
Executive Director, Sacred Heart Community Service

“We had data silos in all our programs and we needed a partner to not only unify that data, but also give us a platform that enabled our members to engage others in the vision to build a community free from poverty. Percolator had the expertise to help us build a single data system that centered on empowering users to build grassroots leadership with a focus on organizing for change.”


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United States
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