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  • I've onboarded 40+ nonprofits to Fundraise Up since 2020.

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Having a frictionless donation experience is essential.

With its ease of use, countless payment options (including Stock & Crypto), AI technology, and fun donation elements to transform ANY page of your website into a donation page are ALL reasons why Fundraise Up is one of my favorite donation platforms.

It's also important to consider the donor experience AFTER the donation happens. Fundraise Up has a beautiful donor portal for all donors to have access to their receipts, the ability to change their monthly gift, and see any active P2P campaigns they're part of.

 Click here to watch a demo and learn more about my 2-Hour Fundraise Up Onboarding Experience. 


Done In A Day: Fundraise Up Onboarding

Don't worry about the tech or where the code needs to go. Save hours of time and headaches. 

In just 2 hours, I'll help you onboard Fundraise Up's fundraising tools, set up the backend, and get it LIVE on your site to watch the donations roll in! 

Investment: One-Time $597 


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Bernie Gengel
Vice President, Be Like Brit

"Dana is absolutely fabulous! She's brilliant, patient and thoughtful. We were able to integrate the new fundraising system within a couple of hours and in the first week we saw an increase in donations!"
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Joanie McGuffin
Executive Director, LSWC

Dana Snyder provided our organization, the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy, with an excellent Fundraise Up on-boarding session. We are very excited that our donor experience will be much more user-friendly, and more individually catered to people's interests in the different aspects of the work we do. And Dana herself is a delightful, cheerful, organized, knowledgeable person to work with!