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Automate Your Journeys: Less Workload. More donations.

We provide proven pre-built donor journeys - all you have to do is fill it in. These donor journeys are made up of several emails. The purpose of these emails is to retain your donors and inspire them to give again. 

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We can take your donors direct from Fundraise Up and send automated journeys that increase giving, loyalty and lifetime value. We're adding new journeys all the time. Use Fundraise Up's fab donation tools to get people to give. Use Retentionly to get them to give again and again.


Hassle-free, automated journeys that work!

Link Fundraise Up and Retentionly and we'll automatically send an email series to your latest supporter. 

Get more of your supporters to give again

Most donors only give once and then stop - we can increase the number of second gifts you receive by using a tried, tested and constantly evolving process.


Azad Hussian
CEO, Al Isharah

Retentionly has allowed us to finally steward our donors in an easy but effective way. I love Retentionly.