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Elizabeth Sellers Digital Consulting

Digital strategy that inspires action. 


Elizabeth Sellers is a communications, marketing and digital fundraising specialist, with more than 10 years of experience spanning the nonprofit sector and news industry. In addition to working full-time at an international nonprofit that has experienced incredible growth with Fundraise Up, Elizabeth offers consulting services tailored to small nonprofits. 

Elizabeth believes that solid digital strategy can inspire action. Utilizing smart tools like Fundraise Up can streamline the giving experience for you and your donors. 


Fundraise Up Installation

Streamline charitable giving by setting up Fundraise Up as your donation platform to improve your supporter's giving experience and increase online revenue.


Raise brand awareness and inspire action through people-centered, mission-driven, multi-channel content crafted within your messaging guidelines.

Email Marketing

Foster relationships with your email subscribers through welcome journeys, newsletters, stories of impact, heartfelt thanks and humble appeals.

Social Media

Reach your existing supporters and prospects like them through organic and paid social media campaigns that provide a glimpse into your work.