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We help organisations succeed with technology

  • Digital consulting & project planning
  • Bespoke applications & websites
  • Software selection consulting


Who we are
Suru Partners is a software and CRM consultancy that creates, configures and connects the right digital tools to help non-profits increase their impact. We provide strategic consulting, digital transformation, CRM implementations, bespoke application development, website & systems integrations, and digital service design.

We work with non-profits with a shared vision to leverage technology to change the world, helping our wonderful clients make a greater impact using the resources they steward.

Highly experienced partner
As trusted specialists for the sector, we understand the unique challenges and context faced by non-profit organisations. We work with you as a partner, guiding you through the process from start to finish — from scoping, design and business case through to migration, launch and ongoing evolution — actively engaging with your stakeholders, teams and leadership along the way to ensure project success.

Having partnered with non-profits for more than 20 years, we know the pitfalls that many encounter during CRM and technology projects. We navigate you around these pitfalls, sharing best practice with your teams ensuring you get the best return on your investment in digital tools.

And, unlike agencies who focus on a single technology or discipline, our breadth of integrated expertise means we can combine best-in-class systems to create powerful experiences and tools for your staff, donors and partners that integrate digital touchpoints, workflows and data in a cohesive way.



Business case is key

We work with you to define the business case and conduct due diligence for the project. If there’s no clear return on investment we won’t do it.

Best practice built in

We aim to maximise our clients' investments by providing customised solutions and education on best practices for long-term success.

Success requirements

We consider change management, staff training, user adoption, and communications when defining the scope for a successful project.

We build partnerships, not just projects

Technology doesn't stand still so projects are never 'done'. Rather than create something for you and then leave you holding the ball, Suru commits to clients for the long run — our relationships last years, not weeks. That means we care about the long-term success of our work just as much as you.


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United States
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