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Send effective text messages, raise donations, and gain incredible support for your cause

  • Integrate seamlessly with all major fundraising platforms
  • Increase donations quickly and easily
  • Cut costs and maximize donor engagement
  • Get your message out when it matters most


Tatango has created an unrivaled team of text message experts who empower organizations to connect, engage and further their mission through mobile marketing solutions.



Mobile opt-in automation

Fundraise Up donor engagement pages that capture mobile phone numbers can automatically pass that collected information to Tatango. 



Jeannine Gibson
CCO, World Hope International

The team at Tatango has been complete champions of this new platform and getting us set up in record time. I know there is still a ton of work to do, but to have come this far this fast is remarkable and we really need to express our gratitude where and when it is due. Thanks so much to each and all of you for getting us to the point where paid ads can go out starting asap today with GIVE to 65101 a full week ahead of GT to build momentum for giving.