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TrueSense Marketing is a full-service, strategic, direct-response fundraising agency.

With more than 50 years of history and a team of 500 professionals who are passionate about fundraising and the causes our efforts support, we can be the right partner to help your charity grow.

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As your fundraising partner, we will make it our mission to listen to your donors, help you build your relationship with them, and encourage them to develop a steadfast connection to your organization. In our experience, when donors feel respected and emotionally invested in the charity, they naturally give more, give more often, and remain committed supporters longer.


Win Donors

Find new donors. Reactivate those who’ve stopped giving. It’s an investment that’s essential to growing your mission. From acquiring new donors to converting warm prospects (like grateful patients) to reactivating lapsed donors, multi-channel WIN strategies are vital to the future of your organization. After decades of experience working with nonprofits we know that long-term value is a your most important fundraising metric. Our staff of WIN experts use predictive modeling to create your fundraising plan, based on your long-term goals, to generate optimal long-term net value.

Keep Donors

Keep donors giving, year over year, and generating the revenue to fulfill your mission. After you’ve acquired a new donor, you’re faced with the next hurdle: securing the all-important second gift. Saying thank you to your donors, promptly and sincerely, is a critical part of your mission, because good donor stewardship significantly shortens the length of time until next gift, and improves donor retention.

Lift Donors

A strategic combination of contacts, offers, and asks can increase your donors’ average gifts, turning their compassion into action. Multichannel marketing is more than just a direct mail piece with a coordinated email. Communicating with your donors in the manner and channel they prefer requires integrated plans for direct mail, digital, broadcast, print, phone, canvassing, and social. You can engage your donors by designing giving models that are perfect for them. In fact, listening to your donors’ preferences is the number one way to stop donor fatigue.



Ernst Bauer
Divisional Director of Development The Salvation Army, Golden State Division

TrueSense Marketing has proven over the years to bring cutting edge tactical support to The Salvation Army Golden State Division. TrueSense works with our divisional development group to help us maneuver through the rapidly changing direct-mail and digital marketing landscape. The consistent revenue growth speaks for itself. A true business partnership in every sense of the way.

Cindy Funkhouser
President & CEO, Sulzbacher Center

Launching our direct-response program was an essential part of our larger fundraising plan. Our gross revenue from this program more than doubled in just 4 years — allowing us to invest even more to find new donors. And the program has improved the visibility we have with our existing donors, so we can better tell the story of the impact for good they make in our community. We’re excited about continuing this growth with TrueSense Marketing as our partner.

Joe McClain
CAPTAIN USN (RET) — CEO Help Heal Veterans

TrueSense has been an outstanding partner in untangling data and strengthening our core message to donors. Our goal is to only work with reputable companies who act as responsible partners and who understand and respect the wishes of our donors, honoring them for their commitment to heal vets and helping to convey our unique story and the impact we make. We have found integrity and transparency as the core competencies of TrueSense Marketing, with a true feeling of ‘ownership’ among the staff and account managers of our mission and the families and veterans we serve.