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Let’s automate your nonprofit. So you’re good to grow.

By combining the efforts of your CRM and Fundraise Up, Dijy can help your nonprofit automate your entire donation process.

You can send automatic thank you emails, text messages for failed payments, trigger actions based on donor activity.

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Dijy helps your nonprofit combine the power of your current CRM with Fundraise Up to increase website donations, house all your donor information, and keep track of all donations with custom reporting.


DRM Implementation

Dijy uses HubSpot as your Donor Relationships Manager (DRM) to house all of your donors, volunteers, event attendees and prospective donors. With HubSpot, you can keep track of all communications in one place, manage and track attendees of your in-person or virtual events, segment your audience to send personalized automated messaging and track all donations with customized reporting.

Fundraise Up Setup

Dijy connects Fundraise Up to your DRM to help increase your website donations and track all transactions. Dijy will implement the code on your website to add conversion friendly widgets for ease of checkout.

Marketing Automation

Dijy will clean up your contacts, segment them to allow you to send tailored messaging based on if the contact is a prospective donor, current donor or a past donor. Dijy sets up automated workflows to help get your nonprofit in front of the people who support your cause.



Arieh Friedner
COO, Daily Giving

"Dijy will listen, they'll pay attention, and they will execute in an organized and timely fashion. Always with a smile, always with fantastic pleasure."