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Google Ad Grant and Microsoft Ads Consultant

Freelance trainer and consultant working with nonprofits to help them optimize their Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts, and to integrate Fundraise Up into their advertising strategy.



I'm a freelance trainer and consultant who works with nonprofits to help them optimize their Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts. I've worked in the nonprofit sector for over 25 years: as a librarian and information worker, then a tech strategist, then a WordPress web developer, then as a digital marketer.

I'm a Google Ad Grants Certified Professional, Google Product Expert, Google Partner, and a Microsoft Advertising Partner, as well as a Fundraise Up partner.

I have a particular interest in helping nonprofits to run fundraising campaigns, whether that's for direct donation asks or the long game of building email lists and audiences for remarketing to invested supporters.

My clients benefit from using Fundraise Up. They have tried various other donation platforms, but Fundraise Up's smart features and integration with Google Analytics, make it my preferred choice. Compared to other platforms, they are more likely to see a donation happen.

Conversion tracking is an essential factor in the success of digital marketing, and Fundraise Up sends the necessary transaction and revenue data to Google Analytics, which can be used to power and optimize your Google Ads campaigns, and to report results broken down by channel and audience. Not all donation platforms are so easy to incorporate into your advertising strategy.

I manage clients' Google and Microsoft ad campaigns, and configure Google Analytics 4 for conversion tracking and reporting of results. I also offer one-to-one consulting sessions. I also offer complete training course for Google Ad Grants for nonprofits.

I live in France on a rural homestead with woodland, orchard and pasture, three humans, six sheep, a barn cat, and many chickens. Equally happy to chat about digital advertising and fundraising, or food forests and edible hedges.


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Google Analytics 4 integration with Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up connects automatically and simply to your Google Analytics account, that's one of its benefits. I can help your nonprofit to set up and understand the transaction and revenue reports, and set up custom reports to analyze your results from different channels (ads, organic, email etc). For example, I can help you properly calculate the lifetime value of regular donations plus one-off donations. 

Google Ads training and consultancy sessions

I can provide one-to-one or small group training online, to help your nonprofit understand how to build Google Ads and Microsoft Ads campaigns that get results, with an emphasis on your short and long-term strategy for getting donations using Fundraise Up.

Google Ad Grant and paid Google Ads audits

I can offer an in-depth deep dive of your ad accounts, checking compliance, best practice and optimization, and making recommendations based on your nonprofit's goals. That includes a review of your Google Analytics stats and configuration, and recommendations for using Fundraise Up as a key part of your fundraising strategy.

Google Ad Grants Complete Course 2024

In these lessons I share everything I know about Google Ad Grants, based on ten years' experience of managing and auditing accounts, and teaching nonprofits to improve their digital marketing. 

Written lessons and checklists provide all the directions you need to manage your own account and make data-driven decisions about your nonprofit's online advertising. Watch video tutorials that demonstrate how to follow best practice to set up your nonprofit's ad campaigns. 

The course includes a detailed step-by-step walk-through of how to set up conversion tracking, the trickiest technical challenge in running a successful ad campaign.

This course also includes advice on how to set up your website to take donations using Fundraise Up, how to track donations in Google Analytics, and your nonprofit's strategy for donation revenue.