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NextGen Fundraising and Marketing Agency

We build full-funnel digital campaigns, create high-performing direct mail campaigns, and gather deep insights through our proprietary analytics tools to help nonprofits reach their full potential.

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NextGen Fundraising works exclusively with nonprofit clients. We provide strategies that build relationships, grow revenue, and ignite innovation.

You aren’t just working with a service agency—you’re collaborating with experienced consultants who serve as a valued extension of your team.

When we and our clients are successful, good things happen in the world.


Digital Marketing & Fundraising

NextGen’s Digital Marketing and Media Team works with clients to boost their digital presence and improve fundraising efforts across channels. Our approach is comprehensive while also providing tailored strategy and service in response to a client’s program. 

Key to our approach is diversification of acquisition tactics—marketing outside of a client’s current audience—with a focus on supporting a pipeline to secure long-term net gain over a donor's lifetime.

NextGen’s Digital Marketing and Media Team has:

  • Hands-on technical and design experience to support, troubleshoot, and contribute as needed.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of CRMs, digital marketing toolsets and platforms, and Adobe design expertise.
  • Partner status with top-tier fundraising and advertising platforms.

NextGen is a Google Advertising Partner and a Meta Agency Partner.

Our services include: 

  •  Donation Form Optimization for Improved Donor Experience 
  •  Organic Social Media & Paid Social Media Advertising 
  •  Email Strategy, Copywriting, Creative Design, & Build 
  •  Connected TV (CTV), Audio, & Podcast Advertising 
  •  Paid Search, Display Advertising, & Google Grant Management 
  •  Reporting on Campaign Revenue & Performance 

Direct Mail Marketing & Print Production

As the role of print media and direct mail continue to evolve, NextGen remains at the forefront. Our team will also outline and confirm timing, mail quantity, file segmentation, creative strategy, ask amounts, test recommendations, and channel integration.

NextGen has long-standing vendor partners who serve as advisors, consulting on the best formats, paper, ink, postage, etc., to maximize efficiencies. Pricing will be provided as part of the annual and campaign budgets.

Data personalization through laser printing and even variable digital printing is a strength of ours, and we are highly experienced in multiple-match mailings. Data security and integrity are something we take very seriously. Your donor information will be stored securely and never be sold, rented, copied, or shared in any way in an unauthorized manner

We work with best-in-class print and production facilities across the country and coordinate closely with their account teams to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Creative Team

NextGen’s Creative Team works with clients to develop the creative concepts that will drive campaigns and reinforce your case for support.

The NextGen team will work closely with you to:

  • Understand your organization’s goals and audience expectations
  • Craft messaging that reflects your mission
  • Identify key priorities and profiles
  • Develop engaging creative across channels

As we develop creative, our priority is reinforcing the case for support, calls to action, offers, channel integration and cadence, formats, inclusion of inserts, color treatment, and design elements to ensure cost-effective and relevant messaging to support campaign goals.

NextGen believes in an open creative production process. We use cloud-based working documents to encourage real-time feedback and collaboration. Proofs and other creative collateral can be easily accessed, referenced, and circulated—our project management platform syncs with project and personal calendars to streamline deadlines for deliverables.

We deliver a consistent and poignant message to build a compelling brand story and case for support. You can count on us to provide thoughtful campaign planning, measured cadence, and impactful, relevant creative. 

Data & Analytics

We Live in a World of Big Data.

But data doesn’t provide all the information you need to build your direct response and fundraising programs.

At NextGen, our goal is to not only report on the results but to deliver actionable information through solid analysis and an unbiased understanding of what the data represents.

That is why NextGen created Donor Insight Gateway™ (DIG), our proprietary fundraising reporting and analytics program. Built by fundraisers, DIG is used to assess the progress of each client’s membership program and place value on their donor base through a Donor Base Trend Analysis and Campaign Reporting.
Donor Base Trend Analysis (DBTA)

NextGen’s primary tool for valuating a membership donor base, the DBTA measures performance over time and integrates deep analysis into strategic planning for our clients. Using transactional data, the DBTA looks at trends across a six-year period through various lenses, including loyalty, frequency, and annual cumulative giving.

A DBTA contains a variety of standard reporting metrics informing retention, upgrade/downgrade, giving by dollar levels, and much more. The DBTA also contains a map function that breaks down giving by zip code and includes member IDs by zip code for targeted analysis. 

Campaign Reporting

DIG also reports on campaign results through several metrics and guides planning for future campaigns and budgets. This allows us to evaluate list performance from multiple perspectives such as package, mail date, list, a combination of all three and by a NextGen-defined index.

Campaign Reports compare results to budget through a variety of metrics such as response rate, average gift, net revenue per donor, timing of revenue by campaign, dollar level giving, and retention. List reports look at performance from multiple perspectives, such as by package, mail date, list, and a combination of all three.

Transaction reports focus on cash flow and timing of revenue by campaign, dollar level giving, and retention. 
Customized for Your Needs

DIG reporting can be customized for your individual programs and performs off transaction data, so it contains no biographical information on donors.

This allows clients to “dig” down to the account ID level for most reports so they may refer to their own database to follow specific donors who may be driving particular trends. 



Lisa Van Buskirk
Peninsula Humane Society

Our account reps are always readily available and taking the extra steps to make sure we understand strategy, creative approaches, and testing so that we can actively communicate our messages. They have our and our donors’ best interests in mind.

Jason Mohr
Colorado Public Radio

NextGen is truly a Colorado Public Radio partner. They have a thorough understanding of our ever-changing donor base. They ask the right questions and design innovative solutions that move our fundraising and engagement to new heights.