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The #1 Rated SMS Marketing Platform

Create valuable connections with your donors through targeted, action-driving text messages.

  • Seamless Integrations
  • Intelligent Insights
  • Hands-on Approach
  • Fanatical Support


Powerful Software
Our text message marketing software offers a comprehensive toolset that helps you grow, engage, and nurture your donors.

Easy-to-use Platform
We’ve found the perfect balance of sophistication and simplicity making it easy to start, learn, and grow with our SMS marketing service.

Backed By Awesome Humans
We’re relationship people. We’re also experts in SMS. Our hands-on approach, strategic advice, and ongoing support has been key to our customers’ success.


  • Create more donors and grow your nonprofit with SlickText—the leader in SMS marketing. Our easy-to-use platform offers everything you need to run a successful mobile marketing program.

Build your list with our wide array of subscriber growth tools. Use website popups, QR codes, social opt-in links, and more. Already have a list? Import it with just a few clicks.

Reach your contacts at scale by sending targeted, personalized text messages. Engage further with text-to-win contests, mobile coupons, surveys, loyalty programs, and more.


List Growth Tools

Grow your audience through tap-to-donate links, opt-in forms, website popups, and more.

Donor Engagement

Connect with your contacts one-on-one and at scale using our comprehensive mobile engagement features.

Marketing Automation

Put your texting on autopilot using various easy-to-use automated text messaging capabilities.