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John Kirkwood Technology Consulting

I help my clients solve problems with technology.

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I am an Technology Consultant with over 25 years experience now working directly with inspiring small- and medium-sized organizations to identify, plan and deliver IT solutions to help them improve.
I have gained unparalleled perspective on leading edge IT service delivery. I've worked with a wide range of organizations locally, nationally, and abroad. I've completed digital transformation projects to enable clients to deliver next generation services. I've helped clients upgrade older, in-house systems to easier and less costly Cloud-based solutions. And I've identified opportunities to automate manual processes, improve service delivery, and cut costs.


Digital Transformation

​Technology continues to change, but you don't have the time or capabilities to adapt. Tell me about your organization. Describe your future plans. Let's discuss the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Emerging products - from Google, HubSpot, Bloomerang, Shopify eCommerce, Fundraise Up, Hootsuite social media, and others - can enable you to lead your industry.

I can help you develop a strategic roadmap for technology that is aligned with your business objectives. Let's imagine where you could be.

Upgrade & Integrate

Aging systems and manual processes are holding you back. Desktop applications and data locked in silos impede your staff and - more critically - frustrate your clients.

I can help you integrate Fundraise Up with your fundraising & donor management system, payment processing, accounting, banking, and other applications. I've developed solutions with Google, Microsoft, HubSpot, Salesforce, Bloomerang, Shopify, Raiser's Edge, Quickbooks Online, Xero, Sage, Stripe, PayPal and many more. When no better option for clients, I've developed custom and secure data automations through Zapier to Facebook and with Canadian and US banks.

I can also integrate systems from different vendors to eliminate slow and error-prone activities. Digitizing your workflow speeds up operations and reduces risk. 


Improve your current IT services.

Your customers, your people and your products and services are most important. So how can you rely on your technology systems while you're busy running your organization?

I can help you make your IT services more dependable and cost-effective.


Andrew Parent
Strategy Branch, Shares Services Canada

Simply put, John is one of the best consultants - in technical capabilities, communication skills and strategic planning - that I've ever worked with. And I've worked with a LOT of consultants.

Stephen Lumini
Principal Consultant, BMC Software

In 20 years, I’ve never seen such a thorough and insightful analysis into how to help the client make the best decision.

Rodney Frederick
Sr Account Executive, Bloomerang

I had a client struggling to complete their conversion due to staff turnover. I couldn't think of anyone else who could be more successful in getting them in a good place more than John Kirkwood!