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Yeeboo Digital - Empowering Nonprofits to Lead with Digital

We design, build & support digital fundraising initiatives that empower charities to grow their online revenue.

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Whether you’re looking to increase your single gift revenue in email, optimize donation form conversions, find new supporters for your email file, launch a new website or get the most out of your online fundraising tools – you’ve found your full-service digital fundraising and technology agency that has the skills, focus and track record to help you reach your goals in Yeeboo Digital.

As a FundraiseUp partner we help organizations with overall strategy, technology platform evaluation, technology strategy, system migration projects, internal business process optimization, data reconciliation, 3rd party platform integrations and ongoing support. 

We help you clients maximize your investments so you can maximize your impact. 


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Digital Fundraising Strategy

Engaging with Yeeboo Digital to develop a digital fundraising strategy is all about getting clarity.

New Donor Acquisition

Your goal with direct response digital marketing as a nonprofit organization is to compel constituents to take a desired action and appeal for their support in a way that resonates like a personal request.

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Full Service Email Marketing

Email marketing is the cornerstone of digital fundraising. 

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Digital Marketing

Each digital marketing tool requires its own specific creative and strategies to be most effective.

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Google Ads Grant Management

Our passionate team of Google certified experts & nonprofit digital marketers will help you knock your search marketing goals out of the park.


Wordpress Website Support

Wordpress Experts To Support Your Day to Day Non-profit Website Needs



Charly Jarrett
Director of Development & Communications

Yeeboo Digital are an amazing partner to work with as a charity. They will give you straight answers on what is and isn't possible in a project, and push you towards best practices. Definitely recommend!