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Independent consultant

I am a digital expert with international experience. I help organisations engage with their audiences (existing and new) to raise more funds. I improve the digital culture with a robust governance, better processes and of course the right fundraising tools!

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I have 20+ years of experience in digital communications and fundraising (and an indelible French accent). Over the past 12 years, I've developed and implemented practical digital solutions for over 130 NGOs worldwide, across a range of sectors. 
All my projects are tailored to the need of the organisation but a typical project usually includes:
  • a digital health check with an audit of the performance of the tools in place
  • an assessment of the digital culture, governance and processes with a series of 1-1 one interviews and internal questionnaires
  • workshops to define objectives and agree on prioritised audience group
  • the production of user personas and user journeys that can be deployed with or without a CRM
Then it varies...
  • Planning and production a lead acquisition, conversion, or awareness campaigns
  • Procurement of new fundraising tools, website, marketing automation... with a requirement gathering phase, brief writing, vendor assessment...
  • Creation of reporting dashboards (usually gathering data from GA4, Fundraise Up via Google Spreadsheet, Hotjar, and other sources)
  • Configuration of Fundraise Up and campaign management.

On a more personal note, I lived in the UK for 22 years before my own "bert-xit" and I am now based in Madrid. I work mostly remotely with the occasional travel. 

I am approachable, practical, and mindful so don't hesitate to contact me.


Fundraise Up

I will set up Fundraise Up for your NGO
  • Configuration
  • Forms and copy
  • Data export
I will also provide a training (with bespoke how-to videos) and can create a reporting dashboard taking data from GA4, Fundraise up (via Google Spreadsheet) and other platforms like Hotjar, YouTube...

Digital Repositioning

Because technology is rarely the main issue faced by NGO, a core part of my work is assessing and improving the digital culture of the NGO I work with worldwide. You can call it "digital transformation" but frankly in 20+ years, I am not sure I have "transformed" an organisation. 
I use a methodology based on 11 years working in house and many years of freelance projects with other 130 NGOs to ensure your organisation has the right governance, processes, and tools. I help you better understand your audience and how to engage with them.

Fundraising campaigns

Hard to summarise in a few lines as every campaign is slightly different so in one line:
I help you plan, produce, launch, optimise your fundraising campaign and prepare key learnings for future campaigns.

Training and Upskilling

I prepare bespoke training programme (often centered around digital fundraising) for staff across the organisation: remote workers, traditional fundraisers, volunteers.
I also provide mentoring and coaching with managers, directors, board of trustees...